An agent, what for ?

Since 2020, the world has changed. Men and women of all generations have become aware of:

  • A degraded environment;
  • Sanitary conditions that are all the more threatened as global trade expands;
  • A necessary questioning of their way of life, and of adopting a more responsible consumer behaviour.

For the world of paper it is a revolution and a revenge on the past: this renewable product can be a barrier to water, fats, light, oxygen, while being biodegradable and compostable. All this, without any risk for the environment. Everybody agrees, we must be innovative and offer solutions.

The whole supply chain requires assistance. In an uncertain world, sources of good advice and reliable raw materials make all the difference.

The diversity of our sources of supply and the quality of our network are the keys to our approach. In a changing environment, we help you to adapt.

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