The revolution has begun

For decades, despite crises, company failures and regulatory constraints, the world of paper and board has been attracting new players, encouraging the development of new products and adapting to quality requirements. This is true throughout a wide range of sectors: packaging, printing and writing, technical papers, barrier papers, etc.

However, the switch from paper to digital is dealing a very serious blow to commodity papers: in the graphics sector, from books to magazines, from envelopes to catalogue sales, many people can attest to this. A lot of companies have had to reorganise, or even radically change their strategy, often requiring heavy investments.

Then came the environmental revolution.

Which Agence Valbrun was confronted with very early on. This evolution is the result of a growing awareness of the impact of human activity on our planet and the determination of economic players to remedy the situation quickly and actively. Foremost among them:

Political authorities, to everyone’s surprise, took sudden decisions that few had anticipated. Take, for example, the ban on plastic supermarket bags.

  •  The industrial sector, anxious to comply as quickly as possible with the new environmental constraints;
  •  Retailers, concerned that they would not be able to meet the new challenges in time. Everyone wants to be the first to adapt, even though alternative solutions are bound to be limited at first;
  •  Last but not least, consumers, whose power and influence, materialised by social networks, weigh more and more in the balance.

In the light of this new situation, we have no choice other than to face up to it, or disappear.

Agence Valbrun is committed to this with pragmatism. We have solutions to offer:

  • our product portfolio is diversified. We sell paper and cardboard from 17 g/m², up to 4 mm thick.
  • our factories are constantly innovating, on the lookout for new opportunities. They offer alternatives to plastics and hazardous chemicals. Creating new markets.
  • our customers are aware: Agence Valbrun knows how to find answers to their questions, and source the right materials to satisfy them. That’s why, today, enquiries and new applications come to us. Regularly, and they generate tomorrow’s orders.

Resistance to change is pointless: what the market wants, it gets. With adjustments and optimisations over time. But the growth is there, and will be for many years to come, because the cake will continue to grow.

We owe you some well-considered, appropriate advice. For a business that generates pleasure, rather than fear. That’s our bet for the future!

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