Folding Boxes
From perfumes to spirits, from ready-made meals to POS : as many uses as types of cartonboards
“Fully transparent” 100% paper envelopes                                                                                                      
All papers (untreated, greaseproof, or laminates) for chilled food use                                                    
Shopping Bags
High resistant papers for striking communication                                                                                    
Fatty foods
Protected contents, reassured consumer, strong image                                                                              
Graphic papers
100% recycled papers                                                                                                                                       
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Benefit from our extensive network, backed up by membership in the EPPS group


We help our customers clearly define their needs, to purchase products as good as necessary at the lowest possible cost

Expertise & Advice

Our customers say « Find us solutions! ». The road map is clear: we have to think outside the box.

Our Factories​

Our portfolio covers various markets, including the packaging industry, graphic or technical products.

« The time for “all plastic” is over. Environmentally friendly papers are the future of the planet. »



Some of our factories are certified

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