Numerous are those companies expressing the wish to preserve the environment but fewer are those who act on its behalf. “Paper + Polyethylene” barrier laminates play a big role in packaging design and product protection – especially in the food industry. Regarding PE substitution alternative solutions now exist: biodegradable and recyclable granules are today available which remain compatible with the goal of perfect preservation of foods.

For this reason Mosaico (the Specialy Product division of Burgo) has developed Biocoated Kraft in collaboration with a manufacturer of sugar: 15 gsm of a PE substitute have been laminated on the reverse side of an MG bleached kraft (KBM Green 40 gsm) to supply a barrier material aiming at the production of sugar sachets.

The sugar producer involved in this operation is fully satisfied by this initiative because the productivity of his production lines remained unchanged. Anxious to show his concern for the environment is reflected in facts Mosaico’s partner also accepted the additional cost incurred by this innovative solution.

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