As a specialist of C2S and uncoated rigid heavy boards, ur Swedish mill Oppboga is well known in the POS (point of sales) segment. Whether made of recycled or virgin fibers, their boards are very much appreciated as soon as a nice printing result is expected for the promotion of a specific product. These materials have proved to be mechanically highly resistant.

Consequently, Oppboga’s sales force in Europe started to get in touch with manufacturers of folding boxes and cartons. They targeted packaging applications requiring high quality graphic designs, as well as the relevant robustness, in order to substitute raw materials like the microflute. Eminent, Excellent, Robust or even Basic -available as from 370 gsm and up to 700 gsm- can be offset printed and be converted into mid and large sized packagings, with or without windows, to be hanged in shops or layed on the shelves. This initiative is already meeting a great success, both at converters and their clients, since Oppboga carton boards promote the content image much better than microflute, and they avoid the well known flute shadow effect.

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